Cancelled Plans and a Race Giveaway for you

So, remember that one time when I had no idea I’d broken my hip and couldn’t run for months and excitedly declared the inaugural Snohomish Women’s Run 10K in May to be my next goal race? A PR goal in particular. 

Yeah, well, I’m currently on a cannot walk plan. The full explanation is pending in an upcoming injury post, I promise. I’ve had a hard time writing that post because (a) it’ll probably need to be a series to tell the whole story, and (b) I’m still in the midst of figuring out just how bad this is and talking about it makes me sad, and (c) it’s hard to tell a story when you’re not really sure where the story is going yet.

In the meantime, how about a race giveaway? Snohomish Women’s Run is giving away two race entries over on Gametiime’s facebook page, click here for details on how to enter. The winner will be chosen Monday (4/28), so don’t procrastinate like I usually do.

Even though I’m not running, you should! And if you don’t win, you can still save 10% on your registration fee with the code: RUNYOURMUTTOFF2014. I can’t take advantage of my race entry, but I’m keeping my word and will still be supporting the race charity, because I think it’s a great thing to do.

Tell me, are you planning to run the race? Assuming I’m able-bodied enough in a few weeks, I’m hoping to go to the race and cheer on some runners. Knowing someone who is running would be extra encouragement for me to go and support you!

Five Things Friday

Can you believe it? Two posts in one week! It’s like I’m a real blogger or something. Here’s another list of Friday Five for ya’.

1. Molly is famous!
She’s been featured on a blog that isn’t mine! The amazing Lea at Running with Ollie has featured me and Molly as part of her Furry Friday Feature series! If you landed here via Lea’s blog, thanks so much for coming over to say hello! And to Lea, big thanks for sharing our profile and making Molly famous!

2. Injury update
Injury Update 2 Injury Update
Molly thinks this injury status is bullshit tolerable; she misses running and playing but the cuddles are a pretty decent trade-off while we live our life in 10 minute increments of icing. So far, all imaging has come back normal. Another MRI tomorrow; if it’s normal, we may need to reassess the current course (image after image after image is getting old).

3. Mutts & Life Lately
Life Lately
Despite my injury woes, we’re still having some fun around here. Last week we went to the Mariner’s Home Opener. We usually go to one M’s game each year and I’d never been to a home opener. It was a little too crowded to become an annual tradition for us but it was definitely fun!
Mutts 1 Mutts 2
The mutts have been livin’ it up too! Tony went on a field trip to the local brewery with us last weekend to enjoy some sunshine and treats. Look at that tongue, he loved his tasty snacks! And Diamond is the first mutt in the house to discover the new, extra plush bathroom rug. Pretty impressive considering she’s the only dog that can’t see it!

4. The Importance of Hydration
I may not be running but I’m still drinking!
Drink 1 Drink 2 Drink 3 Drink 4
I’ve just traded some of my water and Nuun for some wine, beer, and cocktails. It’s tough being on a strict rest-and-recovery plan.

5. Home Improvements
With a little extra time on my hands (several hours a week, that aren’t being spent pounding pavement), I’m trying to tick a few items off the never-ending home project list. I’ve got the living room/dining room/hallway repainted and decor put back together. And I built that ikea bookcase all by myself! Which freed up the little bookcase to move to the living room; it’s a work in progress.
House 1 House 2
This coming weekend, we’re hoping to build a ramp from our deck to the lawn. Tony has been struggling with the deck stairs, so it’s time to do his little old body a favor. I’ve sketched up a general plan… Stay tuned until next week to see if I’m still married. Kidding! Sorta. The husband and I work great together usually. And this project is way less complicated than several others we’ve conquered survived.
House 3 

What are you up to this weekend? If the weather is nice, will you be running or gardening (another task that I need to start getting on top of!)?

“You smell different when you’re awake.”

I let the husband title this post; can you tell? His other title suggestion was “What’s that smell?”. My draft post title was “Conversations with the husband.” I’ll let you decide which of us is funner more fun.

Seriously, my husband’s sense of humor is my favorite thing about him. He keeps life light and amusing which is a great balance to the stress and worry I constantly carry. I got to thinking about how mommy-bloggers write about funny stuff their kids say (two of my favorites: Dommestic Wannabe’s That’s What She Said and Younghouselove’s Clara Conversations) and decided I need to capture some of the funny shit my husband says. Here’s a little non-mommy blogger take on the topic.

Alex and Jess - Goofy 1 Alex and Jess - Goofy 2

Me: Here, I bought you a few Hershey Kisses.
Him: Nah, I don’t want any.
Me: Whoo hoo! Twice as many for me!
Him: Wow.

<via facebook chat>
Him: < insert photo of hot tub thermostat reading 53*F > Wanna hop in? Might be a little chilly.
Me: Cold bath might be good for my [injured] leg/back
Him: I can leave the heater off.
Me: no, I was kidding.

<him driving me to my MRI appointment>
Me: I think you go through the next light and it’s the building on the left
Him: The brick one that says [name of imaging center] and is glowing?

<Phone rings at 5:20 AM, a few minutes later I tell the husband I have to go to the bathroom and he needs to let the dogs out, some grumbling ensues>
Me: I’m not the one who got a phone call at 5:20 AM to wake us up.
Him: It’s from a customer.
He elaborates: It’s 8 AM in Pennsylvania.
Me: Yeah, well, I don’t live in Pennsylvania.

<Watching ’19 Kids and Counting’. The Duggars visit the Bates who have these sweet southern accents and the mom is talking about making dip for the wedding reception>
Me: How do you think you spell that? D-e-e-y-i-p?
Him: No, that dee-yip.
Me: Maybe d-i-y-p?
Me: Do you think there a silent ‘J’ in there?
Him: It’s a soft ‘J’. And no.
Him: It’s d-y-i-p.
<because these are the truly important philosophical problems we solve for the world>

<making me my second coronarita for the night>
Him: <grabbing a coronarita bottle from the beer fridge> They’re so cute
Him: Nothing?
Me: <smiles>
Him: Well they’re like little tiny child-sized bottles of beer

Any funny conversations of your own to share? Is your husband/boyfriend as obnoxious much of a nut as mine?

PS. Yes, I’m still alive over here. No, I’m still not running. This injury is more serious than I’d previously thought and I’m currently awaiting diagnosis (I hope) and a treatment plan. And I haven’t felt like writing about it because it makes me feel whiny. I promise, I’ll have a non-running running-injury update soon. :)

Five Things Friday

  1. I saw my chiropractor yesterday. Turns out, my right SI joint is completely locked up. It’s no wonder I’m still in pain, 3 weeks post double half marathons. He did what he could and said come back early next week. So I’ll be there again on Monday.
  2. I also had an appointment with a physical therapist yesterday. He confirmed, my SI joint is a mess and I’ve got some muscle weaknesses which is why I’ve had SI joint issues for the past 2 years. I’ve got a plan which currently consists of 5 exercises and 20 min of icing, twice a day. This morning I was up at 5:30 and it took me about 45 min to get through 4 exercises and the icing. Let’s hope I get a little faster at this routine.
    Best park of the PT? They have an office dog. *Swoon* Love it!
    PT Office Dog
  3. This conversation is just one of many reasons why I love my husband. We’re both total goofballs.
    conversation - BOOM
  4. This weekend is the semi-annual Brooks Outlet Truckload sale. If you live in the Seattle area, it may be worth a drive up to Bothell. Even if you don’t wear Brooks shoes, the appearel is usually worth a browse. I typically buy a few things at each sale and pay less than half of retail price.
    Brooks Sale
  5. Two of the best videos I watched on the internet this week:
    The pain of being the only engineer in a business meeting.
    We Will Run Commercial for Boston.

Not in the neighborhood but want me to scout out some goods at the Brooks sale for you? Shoot me an email (runyourmuttoff <at> hotmail <dot> com) or tweet me (@runyourmuttoff) and we’ll see what we can work out! Otherwise, wish me luck that I don’t break the bank. I’ll be the girl who’s forehead reads “currently injured; can’t run. credit card still works; can shop”

Alive and Kickin’

I seem to have fallen off the blogosphere for a little bit. But I’m still alive! Not so much kickin’ though.

I’ve finally accepted that my rehab routine (rest, ice, foam roll, stretch, rinse, repeat) is not working so I’ve got an appointment with my chiropractor on Thursday. Panic hasn’t set in yet, but if I’m going to start marathon training June 1st, I really need to get this issue sorted out in the next 2-4 weeks so I can reestablish a solid routine in May. Yikes!

In the meantime, I haven’t had much worth blogging about. I’ve been trying to enjoy some rest, drinking lots of wine, get my eating back on track (finally doing good with this one!) and work on some projects around the house.

IMG_3038 IMG_3012_edit

IMG_3059 IMG_3084
It should come as no surprise that in the last week, I’ve taken a million a lot of photos of the mutts. I feel bad because I realize now that there isn’t a single picture of my foster dog, Diamond, in this collage! But in my defense, she likes to hide under blankets and taking a photo of a lump of blanket is a bit silly.

Painting, Painting, Painting…
I’m taking full advantage of my currently run-free weekends and started painting. This is one of those projects that snowballed - first I wanted to paint the walls; but if I was painting the walls, it’d be a good time to go ahead and tackle replacing the baseboard and crown molding; and if I’m doing that, I ought to go ahead and give the ceiling a fresh coat while I’m at it.
Saturday I painted the ceiling of our hallway/living room/dining room. Sunday I did about 1/2 of the walls.
IMG_3067 IMG_3069 IMG_3073
Taping; half-way done; done for the day!  I hope to finish the remaining walls next weekend. The trim will probably take us weeks to do, a little at a time.

Oso Mudslide – Please Donate
If you live under a rock haven’t heard, a small community North of Seattle called Oso experienced a tragic mudslide last weekend. While we don’t know anyone who was personally affected, we do have a significant connection to the next nearest town, Arlington, so it’s hit pretty close to our hearts. I’ve been trying to support the fundraising cause, as well as the local businesses that are stepping up and helping too.
If you’re interested in helping, a great list of information can be found here: Oso Mudslide: Ways to Help.

A cute video!
On a happy note: last week I shared a video of Jack giving Tony a lickin’ bath. Today I’m back with a video of Jack and DIamond. Enjoy!

PS. I’ll continue to be here, counting down the (unknown number of) days until I can run again.

Waiting and watching

I’m currently still sidelined by the hip issue. Since I’m tired of hearing myself complain, I’ll keep it simple – my hip still hurts and occasionally has a noticeable pop. I hit the treadmill today to see if I could start easing back into running. Nope. I walked 1 mile. Two attempts to up the speed to a run were met with immediate discomfort. And so, I wait.

I’m frustrated, bored, impatient, probably all the emotions every injured runner before me knows. I’m not special, just sorry I’m here.

On the bright side, while on the treadmill today I got to watch two of my mutts be super cute – what started as a play session ended with sweet brotherly eye-washing. They take such good care of each other. I snapped a video so you could enjoy. Apologies for the loud tv and running treadmill noise in the background.

Do you have a dog or cat which some quirky licking habits? Jack has always licked Tony’s eyes (and tony has always liked it). Diamond only likes to lick my ears when she gets close enough (nothing like a wet willy from the dog!)

Weekend Recap – Wine and Woofs

Just another lazy continued running recovery weekend around here.

Friday Wine-day
Friday was, hands down, the nicest day Seattle has seen so far this year.
fri 01 fri 02a
A beautiful sunrise and an afternoon that called for popping the sunroof open!

Living so close to a major wine tourism area (Woodinville Wine Country), we like to drink our fair share of the vino. Sparkman Cellars hosted a release party for club members on Friday, so we swung by to pick up our shipment, sip wines, munch on small bites and enjoy a great band.
fri 03a fri 04a fri 06a fri 05a

Mutt Mischief
As usual, we spent a lot of our weekend hanging out, playing, and cuddling with our pack of mutts.
dog 01 dog 02a dog 03a dog 05a
Those are 4 of the 7 puppies currently available for adoption within the rescue we volunteer for. They are getting spayed & neutered this week so they’ll be ready to move on to their forever homes.They are SUPER cute, but I have no interest in taking any of those monsters trouble makers home

Food and Fun
fri 00 dog 04a sat 02a sat 01a
(1) I ran out of key smoothie ingredients (frozen strawberries, almond milk) so I had some french toast for breakfast Friday. I channeled some RunEatRepeat inspiration and topped the toast with PB & chica seeds. (2) I found a new book to sink my dog-loving teeth into. (3) I’ve got the husband foam rolling now (to loosen his back) but you can’t foam roll in this house without a lot of helpers. (4) Molly thought that breakfast burrito was for her.

st patricks collage copyPhotos from last weekends half marathon were posted. That 3rd photo really captures the relief I felt to have finally found the finish line! I’m still nursing a pain-ful hip.  I think it’s my IT band so I need to do some reading on IT band stretching and strengthening this week to add to my current resting/icing routine.

Instagram Inspiration
I love seeing graphic quotes and inspiration on intagram. I found a fun collection on Friday.
instagram 04a instagram 02ainstagram 03ainstagram 01aFrom: (1) nattieruns (2) libbylouu (3) moveitmarissa (4) always__amber

Now it’s your turn. Do you have any experience with IT Band issues? Tips or resources for stretching or strengthening?

What’s Next? – Plus a Race Discount Code for you!

I’ve promised you big news today, so let’s get right to it – I’ve picked my next goal race and I want you to run it too! Meg guessed that my news was I’m running a full marathon; while that is true, its not new news.

So, I’ve run 2 half marathons in 8 days. I’m currently in rest and recovery mode (read: drinking wine and eating girl scout cookies stretching, heating, and icing like it’s my job). So the big question is, What’s next??

Looking ahead, I’m running a full marathon (the Portland Marathon) in October, which means I start marathon training June 1st. That leaves me more than 2 months to fill, so I need a new goal and I’ve set my sights on trying to PR the 10K at The Snohomish Women’s Run.

2013 Snohomish River Run-248-(ZF-2819-07800-1-001) IMG_8725

I’ve run the Snohomish River Run, which takes place in the fall, twice – in 2012 and 2013. (Note: 2012 was their inaugural year, so I’ve run it every year so far!) And I love it! Let me list the reasons why:

  • The course is FLAT! – perfect for a PR!
  • The course is BEAUTIFUL! – a paved country road with a riverside park start and finish.
  • The timing has fit perfectly into my Seattle Half Marathon training each year.

In fact, my only complaint has been the rain but that’s what I get for signing up for a late October race in Seattle!.
IMG_2252 IMG_2254

So how can this race get any better? Well, they’ve managed to do it by offering an April race, and here’s what I’m looking forward to:

  • The course is limited to only 500 runner’s it’s first year, so it won’t be crowded.
  • It’s a race for women!
  • They’re providing personalized race bibs! (I love this! There is nothing better than random strangers being able to cheer you on by name!)
  • The shirt and medal look awesome!
  • And best of all, it’s in April, so I have to hope the weather will be great at least it can’t be worse than late October, right??

The assistant race director has offered a discount so you can  join me on race day. Save 10% on your 10K or Half Marathon registration by using the code:  RUNYOURMUTTOFF2014. Please, won’t you come run with me? The race is May 18th. If you let me know you’ll be there, I promise to cheer you on and would love to do a brunch meet-up post-race too.

So who’s going to join me?? I’m thinking this might be a great race to dress up for too – perhaps decking myself out in pink because it’s a race for women or maybe a super hero costume, what do you think?

(Link for more race info: Snohomish Women’s Run).

Official Blogger Disclosure:  I was offered free race entry in exchange for posting about this race. All opinions about previous races and the upcoming race are my own. And since I was planning to register for this anyways, I have decided to donate my race fee to the Charity Partner of the race – The Domestic Violence Services of Snohomish County.

Reflections from a Half Fanatic – Mind, Body and Spirit

That’s right. Two half marathons in 8 days means I’m officially a Half Fanatic. #6808

I celebrated BIG after that 2nd race! My post race reward meal was Taco Time (again). I spent the rest of the day resting and was in bed by 8:00 that night! (In my defense, I was up at 5:30 in the morning to get to the race in time.)
photo 2b photo 3 (3)

I’ve been doing nothing but resting and drinking wine every night since and I’ve had some time to reflect on the races.

I’m SO proud of myself for what I completed. I could not have come out of this experience in a better mental place. As soon as I saw my husband on the side of the finishing chute, I was all smiles! I think this was a great experience to help prepare me for a full marathon. On top of it all, I wore those short-shorts on race day! For me, that in itself is an accomplishment.
You see, like most girls probably, I am very critical of myself. While you look at me and see a strong, fit woman, I see a girl who needs to do a few more crunches and who has to apply Body Glide pre-race or she’ll be really sorry! Thigh rub or not though, I wore what I would be comfortable running in and I didn’t let the thoughts of what anyone would think stop me. (And I’ll pause to admit, I’ve judged other girls for what they’re wearing; I wish that statement wasn’t true, but it is. But on Saturday, while I wore those shorts with pride, I didn’t judge anyone).
photo 1photo 7b

I feel like I’ve totally trashed my body. I hurt. After my post-race beer, I couldn’t walk without assistance. Thank goodness we had the most amazing parking spot just one-block from the finish! I didn’t start walking ‘normal’ again until Monday. And here it is Thursday, a full five days post race and I’ve still got problems.
The primary problem is my right hip. You see, I’ve had trouble with my right SI Joint for weeks (maybe months?). During long runs I usually have to run a mile or so before I warm up, lengthen my stride, and get my right hip to pop before I feel like I’m running ‘right’. Lately though I haven’t been able to get that hip to pop and my SI joint aches. It bothered me during the Lake Sammamish Half, and it was worse during the St. Paddy’s Day Half. By mile 6 or 8 I had pain with every step; by mile 10 it was constant hip/low back pain.
I’m scared. I’m worried I’ve pushed my body too far and I might have an injury. Typing those words is hard because I don’t want to admit that. I’m resting, stretching, heating, icing and hoping. Please cross your fingers for me. I was planning to be back on the pavement by Saturday but I’m not sure that’s realistic at this point. I might be scheduled for another full week off.

In spite of the pain, I can’t wait to run and race again! My determination is at an all time high. I now know I’m capable of more than I used to think was possible and I want to see what else I can do.
With this high I’m riding, I decided to do something else drastic, to celebrate the new me I’ve discovered and after the race Saturday I celebrated with a haircut and color. Post half marathon training seemed like the perfect time to give up the pony-tail. I’ll probably let it grow a couple inches so I can pony-tail it again this summer when the serious marathon training kicks in, but until then I’m embracing the change.
photo 1 (4) photo 5
I took the selfie on Friday. I was having a really good hair day and wanted to remember it. It was such a good hair day, I was having second thoughts about going for the big cut, but then you can see what my hair looked like in my “before” photo on Saturday and I remembered that most days, it’s gotten pretty boring.

…and the mutts
And since you haven’t seen them for a few days, I’ll leave you with this fun moment from the mutts - Molly has been refusing to eat sometimes because Tony picks on her and tries to steal her food. She’s been getting fed in the family room by herself most days but Saturday we didn’t have time and when we got home, the husband thought it’d be more fun to put her on the counter rather than put the food on the floor. She was confused but didn’t care. Diamond on the other hand could hear her up there munching and was pissed!

photo 1

Tell me, ever had post-race pain that lasted more than a couple days? Any tips for SI and Hip stretching and healing? It’s an awkward area of the body. I’ve been trying to stretch my hip flexor and my IT band (which is super tender to foam roll right now!) and spend some time on the exercise ball to twist, move and generally keep myself loose.

PS. Stop by tomorrow, I’ve got some big news to share!

2014 Bud Light St. Paddy’s Day Half Marathon Race Recap

Here’s my recap for my 2nd Half Marathon race of the year.
photo 1
Checking the race website just before the event started.

  • Pro: The course was beautiful. We ran along the water or had water views for almost the entire course. I could go for views like this at every race!
    photo 3x photo 4
  • Pro: The first 1/2 mile of the course was downhill. It was really cool to see the sea of green runners decked out in costumes ahead of me at the start.
  • Con: The finish was a 1/2 mile uphill. The price we paid for a downhill start on an out-and-back course was an uphill finish. After walking a portion of the last mile of last week’s race, I was determined not to do that again. My pace may have been dismal, but I ran the last 1.5 – 2 miles of this race, uphill and all! And I think I passed about 5 walkers on that hill!
    photo 5a
    I always smile as soon as I see my husband at the finish!
  • Pro: The race size was nice. The field of runners was large enough to be energizing without feeling too crowded.
  • Mediocre: Packet Pick-up. Tacoma is an hour from my house (without traffic). So driving down the day or two days before the race (in rush hour traffic) to get my packet just wasn’t an option. I had to pay $5 extra for day of race packet pick-up which wasn’t a huge deal; it probably discouraged excessive amounts of people from doing day-of-race pick-up. I’m glad the race website suggested arriving early to avoid lines. It benefited me in parking and porta-potty accessibility (no lines 1 hour before the race!). Overall things were a little disorganized though. I’d suggest race coordinators sort packets by name, not number, so I don’t have to look up my own number. I talked to one guy that didn’t get the shirt size he ordered and a girl who got grief for asking for the ‘goodie bag.’
  • Con: The porta potta supply at the start was a little light. I (luckily) arrived very early because I had to do day-of-race packet pick-up. But once the crowd started to arrive, the lines were long.
    photo 2
  • Pro: The course support was awesome. There weren’t necessarily a lot of family or friends along the course cheering. But there were a LOT of volunteers at intersections, aid stations, and periodically along the two lane road where one lane was coned off for the race. A lot of them were dressed in green, wearing fun hats, and cheered excitedly, even for runners like me 2-hours into the race and 3/4 of the way back in the field.
    I also loved that they supplied Nuun along the course, my favorite!
    photo 7
  • Con: The post race food was unimpressive. There were full bottles of water (pro) but only bananas, grapes, and Little Caesar’s Pizza. Not the best spread.
    photo 9
  • Pro: There were two bars directly adjacent to the finish line. My husband said the bars were packed after the 5K. Lucky for us, the crowds had dwindled by the time I finished. Hello post race beer! I’d have loved to see a finish-line beer garden though. The race is sponsored by Bud Light after all, it’s printed on the medal!
    photo 10 photo 11a
  • Pro: The timing company had fantastic customer support. The day after the race (yesterday) I check my official time only to find “no matching results found.” Uh, what? Cue minor freak out. I sent a message via the contact form on the race results website last night. Today I received a response that they had partial data for an unknown chip that appeared to be mine and my results were up within an hour. I think the time is off by 20 seconds or so. I responded and let them know. Not sure if they’ll update it, but I’m just glad to have the recorded finish! And appreciate their quick response.
    photo 6 photo 8
    My cousin told me she sees photos of all her friends biting their medals (to make sure they’re real? I don’t know) so I took this photo for her.

Overall, I’d totally do this race again. The festive-ness of the St. Paddy’s Day costumes combined with the gorgeous water views along the course made it very well worth it!

Ever had a race time not get recorded? I was stressing pretty hard last night! Did you run a St. Patrick’s Day Race? Or have you ever run a race sponsored by a beer company?